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Electronic Identity Card (CIE)

21 January 2016

After years of testing, in accordance with the Italian Legislative Decree of December 23, 2015, all citizens residing in Italy can finally apply for the Electronic Identity Card (CIE).

Every town council office should already be able to rely on the required technological innovation; however, it remains to be seen when every Registry Office in every municipality can issue the CIE. Therefore, you will have to check in advance whether you can book the new Identity Card and how long you should wait for it.

The CIE is a polycarbonate card which is the same size as a tax code card, a driving licence or a credit card. Obviously enough, it is mainly intended for identification; furthermore, it is designed to give access to e-government services, with a view to simplifying communication between citizens and the Government.

The following information is stored on the microchip and the laser strip of the CIE:

  • Full name, date and place of birth;
  • Tax code;
  • Municipality of residence and nationality;
  • Number code of the issuing Municipality;
  • Issuing date and expiration date;
  • Cardholder’s digital signature;
  • Fingerprint templates;
  • Digital photo;
  • Administrative data of the National Health Service;
  • Statement not valid for travel abroad, if any.

As far as the last mentioned point is concerned, it should be pointed out that a foreign citizen may not use the Italian Identity Card – whether paper-based or electronic – to travel abroad. Nevertheless, it is always useful, and sometimes compulsory, to carry one when moving about in Italy. This avoids you having to bring your passport with you. A lost or stolen passport requires a foreign citizen to apply for a new one to the Consulate of his or her country. Meanwhile he or she may not travel abroad, which may affect his or her working and/or personal life.

The requirements to satisfy to apply for the CIE are the same as those to be met for a standard Identity Card, namely:

  • Having a valid document identifying the applicant;
  • Having a Tax Code;
  • Residing in the Municipality where the document is requested – that is, having registered at the Registry Office.

Considered all above circumstances, every Municipality may decide to request some additional documentation.

No photos will be required, since these will be directly captured on the spot through special instruments. Likewise, the fingerprints of the left forefinger will be taken. Giving one’s consent to have one’s fingerprints taken is compulsory.

The CIE is issued by appointment, within approximately 20 minutes. Like the paper-based Identity Card, its validity varies according to the applicant’s age:

  • 10 years (applicants aged 18 or more)
  • 5 years (applicants aged 3-18)
  • 3 years (applicants aged under 3).

At the moment it is not clear how much the CIE will cost. On average, the price should range from € 20.00 to € 30.00, depending on the Municipality.


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