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Corona Virus – Communication #7-2021

28 June 2021


As from June 28, when the last Italian region, Val d’Aosta, is expected to go white, the requirement to wear masks outdoors will be lifted, except where gatherings may be created (e.g. markets, fairs and queues).

This provision only applies to white zones. If a region should move back to the yellow, orange or red zone, wearing masks outdoors will automatically become mandatory. 

Whereas wearing masks in public indoor spaces remains compulsory, except in bars and restaurants, where masks can be taken off when sitting at a table.


The website where you can apply for the COVID Green Pass is now live. The COVID-19 Green Certificate – Europe-wide known as “EU Digital COVID Certificate” – proves that you have been vaccinated, have tested negative or have recovered from COVID-19. In Italy, the certificate is issued by the Ministry of Health in digital, printable format.

The digital version can be downloaded via the following:

The certificate can also be applied for to general practitioners, paediatricians or pharmacists, by submitting one’s tax code and medical card.  

The EU Covid-19 certificate will cover three types of certificates: 

  • certificate for people who have been vaccinated against Covid-19;
  • certificate for people who have recovered from Covid-19;
  • certificate for people who have tested negative for Covid-19.


It can be mainly used to travel freely within Italy as well as in the 27 EU countries plus Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Lichtenstein. In Italy, it may become necessary to attend events (e.g. sports and other events, fairs) or be allowed into discos. However, this is still to be decided.


Bars and restaurants are open for on-site consumption, both outdoors and indoors, with no time limit. Takeaway and home delivery services are also allowed, without restrictions, provided that food and beverage packaging and delivery comply with the established rules.  


In white zones, travel is allowed as follows:

  • to other places in the white zone with no time restrictions and for any travel reason;
  • nationwide with no time restrictions, if travelling for proven working needs, situations of necessity or health reasons;
  • to places in the yellow zone, for any travel reason, in accordance with the time restrictions applicable to travel in the yellow zone and travel restrictions to other private homes;
  • nationwide, if the traveller has a valid “COVID-19 green certificate” (see relevant FAQ), in accordance with the time restrictions applicable to travel in the destination zone.

Returning to one’s place of residence or domicile is always permitted.
For travel to holiday homes and visits to friends or relatives, see relevant FAQs.

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