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What Expatriates Say About Us


I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for all your help in making my transition to Rome so smooth. From the very beginning, you were both so supportive and helpful, guiding me through every step. I truly appreciate your efforts in finding the perfect accommodation and school to meet my family needs. It means a lot!

Gillian – United Kingdom

I want to say a massive thank you for all your help, I absolutely could not have done it without you.

Grace – United Kingdom

I want to thank Beatrice and Denise
Thanks for all your help with my relocation to Italy and in getting me the apartment. You were very helpful and gave me lots of good advice. I feel very comfortable here in Catania and I’m looking forward to spending my first summer here.” I’m well settled in where I am and I’m very grateful for your help during the relocation process. It made everything much easier for me.

Daniel – Ireland

 I wanted to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude for all Alessia’s help in facilitating my relocation from Dubai to Italy. Her support, guidance, and expertise made the entire process smooth and stress-free. From navigating paperwork to settling into my new home, your assistance was invaluable every step of the way.
Her kindness and generosity have truly made a difference in my transition, and I am incredibly grateful for her unwavering support. I want to Thank her for going above and beyond to ensure that I felt welcomed and supported in my new environment. I couldn’t have done it without her.
Jin Leow – Malaysia
I want to thank Valentina and Alessandra.
It has been a few months since my wife and I moved to Milan and we are very happy with our life now.
Thanks to you for the a great support, we have been able to enjoy our new life without any problems.
Mitsuhiro – Japan
I want to thank Giorgia
She has clarified a lot of things during my relocation process, made it smooth and less stressful. This was a difficult case of a family relocation from Russia. But professionalism of the employees from Professional Relo made the relocation possible and as fast as it could be. I received visa in only 3 days which marks that all the provided documents were flawless.  Giorgia was communicating with the authority and successfully resolved any issue.
Polina – Russia 
I just wanted to thank you for your great support during our move and to running the extra mile for us. It wasn’t an easy task and without your help it would have not been possible. Thanks again for doing an excellent job.
Gonzalo – Chile 
I want to thank Alessia
I wanted to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude for all her help in facilitating my relocation from Dubai to Italy. Her  support, guidance, and expertise made the entire process smooth and stress-free. From navigating paperwork to settling into my new home, her assistance was invaluable every step of the way.
Her kindness and generosity have truly made a difference in my transition, and I am incredibly grateful for her unwavering support. Again Thanks to Alessia for going above and beyond to ensure that I felt welcomed and supported in my new environment. I couldn’t have done it without her.
Sayed- Pakistan
Thanks so much for all of your help. It was wonderful working with you
Zachary – USA
Alessia has been wonderful to work with. Thank you for all your incredible support with this process!
Alà – Jordan
Agnese and all RELO staff were absolutely excellent. They were consistently gracious and promoted
confidence and comfort with an otherwise difficult and confusing process.
Catherine – USA
Alessia offerred an exceptional support during our relocation.
Her professionalism and deep expertise made a complex process smooth and manageable.
Her dedication to detail and responsiveness were particularly noteworthy and greatly appreciated.
I am sincerely grateful for her assistance and the significant difference it made in our transition. Her efforts have been invaluable to us.
Igor- Ukrainie
I would like to say thank to Elisa  and Raffaella on behalf of myself and my family, to support in last more than 12 months.
Nikola – Serbia 
 I want to say THANK YOU, Roberta, Silvia and the relo team. You have the ability to always turn an otherwise annoying Italian bureaucratic thing into a pleasant trip; we should add coffee and pastries to that! Hope you are having a good start in 2024 and see you soon!
Andrey- Russia
I really appreciate the support with obtaining my residency, keeping an eye on my details and keeping things so smooth.
Daphne – Singapore


Elisa and the team were fantastic. Very professional and helpful through every step of the process. Eliza provided clear and detailed explanations on the process, required documents, timing etc. which made it very easy for myself and Danielle to plan a seamless move to Italy with minimal stress. And a big thanks to Roberta for her help with our first immigration appointment in Italy and great recommendations places to visit for weekend trips in Italy 😊 Thanks again for everything, we really appreciate how easy you made the process and can’t even imagine how we would have done it without you.

Todd Robinson – Australia

Heartfelt gratitude for the support my family received during our relocation journey. I would especially like to mention Elisa whose extraordinary combination of professionalism and kindness made us feel informed and cared for at every step along the way. I cannot thank you enough for your support and guidance throughout this process. From our very first conversation I knew that we were in good hands. Your thoughtfulness, perseverance and problem solving abilities have gotten us through some challenging situations!!

Jennifer Miller – Unites States of America 

 I truly appreciate the help of Linda and Laura, with finding me a great apartment, and following up on the residency, internet subscription, etc. I would not have been able to do this, at all or within a reasonable timeframe, without them. Thank you!

Paul – The Netherlands


Thank you so much, Alessia! Your help has been invaluable. I don’t think we’d be in Italy without your help. Grazie.

David – United States


Alessia Sambo was incredible. Beyond being super intelligent and competent, she is hard working, responsible, smart and extremely resurceful. She knows the inner workings of all procedures and was able to bypass many bureaucratic hurdles  very professionally. She is clearly an asset to any firm that would employ her.

Happy Expat


Roberta, You kindly supported myself and my family through the immigration process to live in Milan. I just wanted to sincerely thank you and your team for supporting us each step of the way, a support which really made the difference. Thank you again and all the best

Fiona – United Kingdom


We received excellent support from Roberta Brambilla at each and every step. She helped us and made everything a cakewalk for us.

Zenobia Aspi- The Netherlands



As expected everything was flawless and extremely well managed. You have in hand a precious team, honestly not easy to be found here in Italy according my poor knowledge.
You know, when moving to a new country, the one thing that can make the entire process easier is empathy, when people wear your shoes and try to do their best to turn the entire process into a warmer, easier, softer and comfortable as it can be.
Since day1, Laura and Linda have really embraced us, protecting us from dangerous zones (contractual) and helping us to smooth the difficulties.
I am really satisfied with the service provided. Your level of engagement and professionalism make this company a truly benchmark. Congratulations! Keep the pace!

Fernando –Commercial Director– Brasil

Please accept our sincerest gratitude for your service! It has been a great pleasure working with you and your colleagues. Valentina and Daniela are super effective and accessible! They are truly professionals

Wanli Zhao –Full Professor- United States

I can say unequivocally that I am extremely satisfied with Professional Relo’s service so far. Elena has been an absolute miracle worker, incredibly professional, responsive and helpful above and beyond any expectations. Similarly, Valentina has been incredibly helpful and responsive, and has made the entire home search process very smooth. I have nothing but positive things to say about the service I’ve received!

Mikkel C-JanusDenmark

Gabriele and Silvia –  wanted to say a big thank you to you and the team! Super service

Peter-Siemens –UK

High level support! Fully satisfied with the services provided

Thanos – Hilti- Greece

Thank you to Valentina and the team for all their support; it has truly made my settling down in Italy very easy

Antonios – Marelli – Greece


I would like to thank you for the help with the relocation. It went super smooth and you have helped me lots, i really appreciate it!

Olga –SpotifyPoland

The service as a whole is excellent, I can definitely say this because the professional who followed me (Linda Colognesi) has always been available, efficient and decisive.
Every problem that has arisen has always been solved by her quickly and with the best result.
In an intense period like this one that I have been facing, Linda has been a real salvation.
Really compliments

Salvatore-Euler Hermes– Italy


It took a lot of work to take care of all these documents for my family of 4. I’m extremely grateful for the support and advice. Alesia, in particular, was so professional and gave us great advice (and clear instructions) every step of the way. I will recommend your agency highly to anybody. Feel free to give my name as a positive reference.

Jenny- Visiting Professor– USA

Thank you very much, Aurelia and Elisa. Elisa your work was fantastic all this time. Thank you Aurelia for all your support during the last years. Your good work was fundamental for us to have a very good adaptation to Italy. We will miss you :)

Rafael-GPO – Project Leadership Office– Brazil

I really appreciate both Roberta and Elisa’s help and the attitude of Professional Relo staff always trying to help in a good spirit. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you”

Sanchit –Fast Track Trainee- India

Thank you very much for your kind words Elena! We are very excited and looking forward to our Dolce Vita . It has been a pleasure working with you on such an important step of this new chapter and we truly appreciated the time we spent together in Milano. You perfectly understood what we were looking for and your advices and recommendations were super helpful!

Virna-Head of Flou Product Development & Florent –Executive Director– France

Veronica really helped me throughout the whole process. She is a great professional and kind person. Thank you very much Veronica! :) everything was great

Maria Candelaria-Distribution Planner-Argentina

I could not have worked my way through immigration process without Roberta. She’s extremely knowledgeable and very patient. She was always available to help and provide advise on immigration and many other topics. She saved me hours of time! Also Paola have been extremely helpful

Gordon-Director-United Kingdom

Thank you for all the process and thanks to all your colleagues who made this long and tough path easier for me

Cem-Industrial Design-Turkey

Really appreciate for everything you have done

Senior Engineer & Administration Manager -South Korea

Many thanks for your help Alessia and the smooth integration process. We cannot make it without your help!

Assistant Professor – China

I really appreciate everything Ms Alessia Sambo done. I have always found her kindly support and professionalism while all my processes. I wish you all,, success and good work.

Remzi-Field Service Technician– Turkey

It was a very good experience be followed by Roberta Brambilla, everything was clear and precise

Angelica – Product Quality Assurance Engineer – Mexico

I have to thank Roberta and the Professional Relo team for all the good support I have received and also my family,  indeed it was very valuable and useful

Victor – Product and Mold Design Engineering Manger– Mexico

I am so happy to have professional relo in my relocation process, especially working with Roberta Brambilla is perfect.

Muge – Emea Corporate Finance Analyst- Turkey


Very professional and kind persons working in Professional Relo. Quick and accurate feedback. Useful advices and actual knowledge of the place I am relocating to.

Ramon Pineiro Molina –  Analytical Scientist – Chiesi Farmaceutici

I really would like to thank all the Professional Relo team for the commitment with our relocation from Brazil to Italy, especially during the situation we are facing due to the Covid-19. We were always kindly supported by the staff of Professional Relo, and I am very grateful for all your support.

Allisson Freire Bento-  Senior Toxicologist – Chiesi Farmaceutici

Very professional team. I can say that with confidence as I have plenty of experience with other teams. I’m very pleased and satisfied with the work done by Linda and Aurelia.

Finance – USA

I was very happy and satisfied with the service offered by Professional Relo and amazed by the professionalism, punctuality and kindness of all the people I came into contact with.
So I ‘d like to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for all the support you have given to me and my wife.

Luca Greco – Chiesi Farmaceutici

We are extremely grateful to Alessia Sambo for her professionalism and kindness. She patiently explained everything to us and worked with us diligently to resolve the complexities of our case. She was always clear, communicative, and welcomed all our questions. Her subject matter expertise, and perhaps more importantly, personal care and commitment towards our case is hugely appreciated. Moving continents is a sensitive time for anyone, and we are grateful to her for her moral support as well. Best wishes to Alessia and the firm.

Sandeep- Canada

Raffaella Carnevale from Professional Relo was amazing and went above and beyond multiple times. My wife and I really enjoyed working with her.

Michael- USA

Veronica, we can agree that with the help of Pro Relo, our leave has significantly become less complicated. So thank you for your help and support! Also thank you Chiesi for making this possible and allowing Pro Relo to assist us for both arriving but also leaving Italy. Much appreciated!

Mariska Kraaij – Chiesi Farmaceutici

Thank YOU Laura for that day. It was really crazy great! I saw all the work/passion you put into the search and as a result, almost all flats were meeting our expectations.

Sophie –  French General Manager – Merz Italy

Aurelia You’ve been a delight – informed, energetic, charming, and patient.  Simply wonderful

Ronald – US Professor – Bocconi University

I appreciate all the service given by professional relo all through out the process but my special thanks to Roberta Brambilla who really makes someone feel secure during this tough process. She is always kind, gentle very knowledgable and promt with all the answers.

Hande Gunel Kocoglu – Finance Manager- Whirlpool

Paola was great! Congratulations for such a super professional!

Ronaldo Niss – Global Business Manager –Atlas Copco BLM s.r.l.

Great service both in my arrival and my departure! couldn`t have done it without you.

Mariana Olmos Nakamura – HR Manager – Whirlpool

The experience moving my family from Switzerland to Italy resulted easy and pleasant thanks to the great job done by Francesca and Valentina from Professional Relo. Both of them supported us in the best way at every stage, being ready at any time we could need. Thanks a lot! Keep on doing this way! You are already great

David Colecchia- M.Sc., PhD – Chiesi Farmaceutici

Thanks a lot to Paola, as always excellent and this is not new, and best wishes to the equally cute and kind Linda, from Australia!

Franco Giudice- Sales Manager Traditional Trade – Perfetti Van Melle Italia

I want to thank Aurelia once again for the very good service and great professionalism dedicated to facilitate our relocation. We are very happy first day in the new apartment and this is thanks to your speed and proactivity on helping us.

Rodrigo Moura -Sales Director – Reckitt Benckiser


Alessia was extremely helpful, professional, and knowledgeable. She always responded to my many questions in a polite and efficient manner, with accurate information. I appreciated her help very much! I was also accompanied to some appointments by Elisabetta, who was also extremely helpful!

Emily Ain -Solution Architect – Siemens 

Alessia is fantastic! She is very organized. The move was a stressful process but I felt that Alessia had everything in control and I therefore never worried about the immigration component of my move. I am also very impressed with how well Alessia manages relationships with the government employees that we met. She seemed to know everyone that we went to see. She made small talk with them, had them laughing, and allowed us to really sail through the process in an enjoyable way. If I had a relocation company, I would want Alessia running it.

Cassandra – Professor – Bocconi University

I must thank Veronica and the team for all the help and support during our assignment! It was always a pleasure being in touch with all of you and made us feel safe and secure in a country where we are temporary guests

Andreas – Product Manager- Compressor’s Company

Michela N. and Donata were incredibly helpful in getting me through the immigration and government paperwork process. Many thanks to them for their hard work!

Professor – Bocconi University

Roberta was most professional and always available for communication. Jessica was very helpful and most kind. You guys are doing an awesome job!

System Integrator – Whirlpool

Elisa,Thank you so much for supporting me throughout the immigration process.
A big thank you to Barbara as well for being there and handling the process as best as possible.
My best wishes to the Professional Relo team!

Supply Chain Buyer – Whirlpool

I would like to thank Professional Relo Team for their caring, kind and professional support thru out the past months for my relocation and really wanted to express my sincere appreciation to Jenny.

Filiz, Turkey

Moving always is a difficult and challenging situation and I really appreciated Leila’s support, which definitely eased my arrival to Rome. Leila’s proactivity, efficiency, clear feedback and fast problem solving attitude really made the difference. I would recommend Leila’s support to anyone moving to Rome, she is great!

Sara, Senior Brand Manager – Portugal

Awesome job performed by Professional Relo! Thank you!

Paulo Monzani – Product Manager, Industry Company- Brazil


Thank you team at Professional Relo for all the support you gave me so far: whenever I had a point to be clarified you were promptly ready to answer it.

Strategic Planning Manager – Chiesi Farmaceutici

Professional Relo is an oasis of efficiency in a chaotic immigration process.

Thomas Scott Soistmann, USA

Michela Ornaghi did a very good and professional job. Thanks!

CFO – Siemens Transformers SpA

Dear Paola, I do appreciate very much how you’ve conducted the orientation and home search tour for us. Very well prepared and went smoothly. Pleasure to work with an expert like you, who literary knows each “street and corner” of Milan and the information you were giving me about life in the city is very useful.

International Packaging Manager – Perfetti

The help and advice we were given was excellent!

Richard, UK

Excellent service!

Engineering Manager – HYVA Group

Thank you Michela N. for all your help for renewals. We have all updated permits and health cards on hand. We have always been thankful and fully satisfied with your service quality and professionality.

Engineer – Schneider Electric

I was really glad to have Elisa help me throughout the process, she was very precise, prompt, and courteous.

Buyer – Whirlpool

Alessia Sambo was a fantastic resource and specialist to assist myself and my husband with our relocation needs. She was professional, attentive, and very communicative when it came to required documentation and reminders. I would not have gotten my visa/permits without her assistance and for that I am very grateful. Alessia is fantastic!

Professor’s Spouse – Bocconi University

Dear Laura, I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderfully prepared home search, for your patience, energy, and understanding. It was so nice to see that you made our search as if you would do it for yourself. It could not have been better.

Annelie J. – Germany


I was overall completely satisfied with the service provided by Professional Relo and would highly recommend Professional Relo to everyone relocating to Italy.

Regional Procurement EMEA – Italy – SIKA

I am a Bocconi professor whose case was assigned to Alessia this year. I just wanted to let you know that Alessia has done a truly amazing job: she is efficient, professional and get things done. Mine was not an easy case (which I suspect happens to many of your clients :-) ) but Alessia handled it with great effectiveness. I really appreciate the effort she has put in. Thanks a lot!

Professor – Bocconi University

Dear Michela, thank you so much for your efforts and consideration until today. It was very lucky to have you during the tough and long journey of complicated immigration process.

Manufacturing Operations Mgt R&D – Eland

Alessia, I wanted to take a minute to say Thank You!
The immigration process so far has already been smoother than anything that I ever imagined. You are a pleasure to work with. I cannot imagine navigating the bureaucracy of immigrating to Italy without your support. Your help with the work permit, the Visa process, the banking, and every aspect of moving to Italy would have been impossible without your optimistic, smiling support!
Thank you as well for the Milan sightseeing advice. We had a FANTASTIC day in Milan!

VP, Manufacturing Operations Mgt R&D – Siemens

Dear Rita, thank you so much for your help during this period.
Your professionalism and understanding made this process very smooth for me, I really appreciate your support, help, kindness.

C&B Manager – Whirlpool

We just wanted to thank you once again for your help! Very professional, efficient and genuine care!! We were lucky that you helped us.Professor – Bocconi University

I cannot thank Alessia enough for the assistance she provided over the last few months. She made the process clear, straight forward and efficient. From my point of view, working with people that handle relocation with such professionalism made an enormous difference in making my move to Milan a great experience.

Software Developer – Associazione Hermes

Valentina and Professional Relo did an extraordinary job to swiftly manage my relocation to Milan.  I was shown high-level housing solutions and wish to add a positive note on their post-arrival assistance too.  Valentina investigated any possible issues in advance and ensured these were dealt with in the shortest possible delay. I would suggest anyone to rely on Professional Relo to take care about such a personal and sensitive process as relocation is.

Logistics & Operations Process Officer – Syngenta


Let me say that you have been a great support to us during this transition. We have been feeling completely taken care of. Please make sure that Aurelia receives my compliments on making our house hunting and everything around it a great experience. The support she has given us during this process has been great!

Supply Chain Manager – Whirlpool

I am very impressed by the help of Professional Relo and I am really happy for their great help. I would like to highlight the personal commitment of Aurelia in helping me with all the reallocation. This was really amazing. Many thanks to Alessia as well for her personal engagement. She has been of tremendous help!

Assistant Professor – Bocconi University

Dear Michela, Marta and Francesca, thanks for all the support during this period and the infinite patience in explaining and answering all my questions. You all have made this transition for me so easy that I already feel home. Thank you very much.  I don’t need an evaluation form to say that your score is 100.000.000!!!

Product Manager – Hyva

Thanks to Alessia, that actually showed herself as a high-class professional, our relocation process went smoothly. I very highly appreciated her precise support.

IT Specialist – Vetropack Italia

Dear Michela, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the continuous support during this long period. You really did your job in a very professional way.
Thank you again and wish you all the best.

Electrical Engineer – Schneider Electric

Professional Relo assisted at maximum levels, especially during packing and check out, even surpassing their obligations.

Group Brand Manager Personal Care – Colgate Palmolive

Everything was super helpful and everyone from Professional Relo that I had contacted was extremely supportive. I would totally recommend them, always prompt to answer and provide help for any topic.

Global Brand Manager – Safilo

Dear Roberta, as always all of our family is extremely happy to receive your service. You have done another great job for us.

Manager – Eland

Maddalena and her team have been instrumental in my move from Germany to Padova. They combine method and clarity, and sensitivity to personal needs.
Each of their team members is personable and efficient. The whole process was simple, communication transparent, and they left no stone unturned to explore the housing market, working with well chosen local contacts. I can wholeheartedly recommend this team. They are among the best relocation teams I have worked with across many countries over the past 25 years.

C.E.O. – Safilo

Rosy, I would like to thank you and all the staff at Professional Relo for the help received during my stay in Italy. Your team is truly a top notch organization.

Global Supplier Manager – Cameron, a Schlumberger company

Thanks again Michela for all of the great work that you and your team have done to work through this sometimes frustrating immigration process. I am pleased that we have all of the documents now processed for the next two years and will not have to restart the process for quite a long time.
I particularly thank you and Francesca for your patience and guidance during these days.

Chief Financial Officer – Marazzi Group

Rita, you have been a great help in this relocation process.
You have made a difficult process much easier and we greatly appreciate all your insight and assistance.
I believe your personal experience of relocation in the past enabled you to understand our situation very well and give you insight in to our concerns.

EMEA CFO/VP Finance – Lenovo

Michela , just want to tell you how much I have appreciated your involvement, reactivity and availability. Without your support, this bureaucratic formalities would have been a nightmare for me. Your intervention helped us to have a smooth process.

Senior Credit Analyst – Société Générale

Thank you for all of the support for our move. That this has been our “smoothest” relocation. It had the potential to be our most difficult since we were moving from one foreign country to another foreign country. However, everything was well organized including our move out of Italy. We had a wonderful experience in Italy and thank you for helping to make our move to, and out, of your country a good experience.

Head of China Developments, Asia Pacific Region – Fiat Chrysler Automobilies


I have been assisted primarily by Roberta and Michela. It is easy to provide an excellent rating to them and to Professional Relo in general from my experience working with them. They communicate to me in advance what is expected of me, they answer my questions, they are reliable, they follow through their statements, they are flexible with my sometimes challenging schedule and they are personable, friendly, kind, patient and professional.

Sr. Analytical Technical Support Engineer – SAS Institute

We are so grateful for all the assistance, knowledge and support you have each provided us in the last 4+ years. Each member of your staff is highly qualified, personable, patient and always ready to help. In our opinion, there is no better service than ProRelo and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

Vice President Cardiopulmonary Sales – Livanova

Thank you again for your time today. I really appreciate it at the bank and then trying to locate the package my mother sent. I am sure today would have been even more frustrating if you were not here to help. In spite of the tears, I was very grateful to have your help.

Associate Scientist – Dow

The organization was really perfect and your availability was outstanding.

Financial Analyst – Société Générale Investment Bank

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you. Your help really was valuable and you’re such a lovely person.

TM Mgr global, contemporary lifestyle segment – Safilo

I really wish to thank you for all the good work. You have made our lives much easier.

Assistant Professor – Bocconi University

Your Relocation Counsellor was fantastic and she really gave us useful insights into living and working in Milan. Indeed, we actually enjoyed your suggestions of areas that we had not thought about initially, so that was a great bonus. This is something that we did not expect and we highly appreciated it!

Visiting Professor – Bocconi University

I would like to thank you for the excellent support provided during our transition to Italy. It has been a very seamless experience.

Manager – Cameron

Working with Professional Relo was an absolute pleasure. This is my first experience as an expat and your Immigration Specialist made the transition as smooth as possible, given the circumstances. There were some visits to the public offices that were long and very frustrating, and she was incredibly patient and professional with me, while also being very assertive with the employees. I always felt like I was in the best hands with her there. Thanks for everything!

Financial & Accounting Analyst – Duferdofin Nucor

It was very helpful to be able to call ProRelo during the telecom appointments because there were a lot of things going wrong and they were able to talk me through it.

Engineering Manager – FCA

You were amazing and really worked tirelessly to make sure my questions were answered and everything was done correctly.

Store Manager Milan – Marc By Marc Jacobs

If we ever transfer someone to Italy again rest assured that I will provide my recommendations for your services, they were outstanding.

Managing Director – Payback GmbH

I found Professional Relo’s Immigration Specialist very professional and also very friendly and courteous. She helped us manage the process more fully than we had expected. Thank you.

District Operations Manager Europe – Plastipak

Professional Relo has been 100% perfect for me. Executing things that I was not even aware of at the time, yet found out later on my behalf. One of the best managed organizations in Italy. The speed/efficiency that Professional Relo has founded in the deep knowledge of the Italian processes is impossible to replicate.

Program Manager OEM Account – Rockwell Automation

Overall excellent service. Very efficient and well organized. Thank you!

Executive Director , Passirana Plant – Sealed Air

Thank you very much for your excellent service during our orientation trip for me and my wife.

Executive , Energy Management – Siemens AG

You did a great job. Took me thru the bureaucratic process in a painless manner. Very professional. Chapeau!

VP, Strategy & Business Developments – Sorin

Your Relocation Consultant provided very good support and helped me a lot – I would have been lost without her help. Same with your back office assistance – I am sure that without your support and patience I would have ended in a big trouble with telecom as their service is an absolute disaster

Engineering Manager – ZF



via Torri Bianche 3
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Tel: +39 02 82 94 4400


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Quality certification
In 2014, on its 20th anniversary, Professional Relo was awarded with the EuRA (European Relocation Association) Global Quality Seal, the world's first accreditation programme for relocation service providers. Professional Relo is the first relocation company in Italy achieving the European GQS.