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Home Immigration Office

A company that works closely with the home immigration office

As someone who is somewhat familiar with the affairs and procedures affiliated with the home immigration office, Maddalena Michieli was inspired to establish Professional Relo in 1994. Initially known as Corporate Relocations Italia, the main purpose of this organisation is to meet the demands of the increasing mobility of global management in the Milan region. Offering a qualified and comprehensive relocation service, we have over 20 years’ experience consulting and assisting those in need of relocation.

Working primarily with corporations, we thorhughly understand the importance and complexities of international mobility and the need of enabling productive transfers for all involved. We have been tied to the European Relocation Association since the late 1990s and achieved the EuRA Quality Certification (Global Quality Seal) in 2014.
Working closely with Italian immigration and government authorities on a daily basis, we are well placed to offer clients tailored immigration solutions meeting the specific demands of each company and Assignee.

Residence permits and the home immigration office

Due to the fact that Italian bureaucracy is slow, chaotic and complex, immigration can be a difficult issue. The customer care associated with many government sectors is renowned for being unfriendly and poor, which can often make immigration procedures daunting and frustrating. In regards to non-EU citizens, these factors can be even more irritating. Professional Relo employs specialists who focus on keeping updated about changes in immigration laws and regulations.

For more than 20 years we have maintained solid working relationships with public officers and government workers while assisting thousands of professionals from EU and non-EU countries. We offer unparalleled support regarding a variety of bureaucratic issues including visa applications, work and family permits, residence permits and a range of other administrative formalities. For example, we can help with opening a bank account, registering with a general practitioner or a paediatrician, obtaining a parking permit or an Italian driving licence. Procedures regarding the home immigration office are made easier with Professional Relo.


via Torri Bianche 3
Palazzo Larice, piano 4
20871 Vimercate (MB), Italy

Tel: +39 02 82 94 4400


P.IVA/Cod.Fisc.: 12526640151

Capitale sociale € 10.500 interamente versato
Registro Imprese 163823\1998 - REA 1562937


Quality certification
In 2014, on its 20th anniversary, Professional Relo was awarded with the EuRA (European Relocation Association) Global Quality Seal, the world's first accreditation programme for relocation service providers. Professional Relo is the first relocation company in Italy achieving the European GQS.